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Quick Guide to the Committee

Quick Guide to the MLTC Committee

The MLTC Committee is a volunteer committee of MLTC members who are elected each year by the members at an Annual General Meeting usually in October/November.

For many members who just want to come and have fun playing tennis, the Committee can seem complicated, and downright confusing at times!  Here is a good place to start if you don’t understand what the committee does and how and why it is setup the way that it is.

1. The Committee organises playing tennis and coaching

The Club needs to make sure that all the player “groups” at the club have organised activities and events from club sessions, tournaments, leagues, coaching, even christmas dances. Member groups include  teams, competitions, juniors, club social players, new members and rusty racquet players, even local school outreach programmes, with an LTA connection for many of these groups and activities in different ways.

2. The Committee operates the club

The Committee must operate the actual facilities of the club which include making sure that the courts are in tip top shape, the clubhouse is improved and maintained, the external things like grounds, gates, security, lights are all working, and also all the technology systems that the club needs to administrate member information and subscriptions, court booking system, phonebook, website, emails, membership development programmes, and much much more.

3. The Committee provides club governance, reporting, and future strategy

Lastly, the Club is a members owned club that has a lot of members to care for, and significant assets to care for, not just today or this year, but  years to come.  The Committee is refreshed and renewed each year by the members, and each new Committee obviously focuses on improving and maintaining things in the year, but each committee also has a duty to make decisions about the future to ensure that the club in years to come continues to improve through the best decisions and actions.

Together, the MLTC Committee is made up of

  • Committee members elected at each AGM, usually in October
  • Head Coach
  • Administrator