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Oaken Grove Courts – Padlock Code

A reminder that the code for the padlock at Oaken Grove is included in the confirmation email you receive when a booking is made for one of these courts.

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Bar opening on Sundays

The bar will be open on Sundays, from April 23rd until Finals Day, between noon and 3pm.

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Car Parking

Our car park is small and spaces are narrow, it is intended for use by Members only and we ask that visitors park along All Saints Avenue.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CONSIDERATE !  Our car park is unsuitable for large cars, SUV’s, people carriers and similar vehicles.  If your vehicle is wider than 1.9 metres (6 feet and a bit in old money, or think BMW 3 series) then please park along All Saints Avenue.

The Council have painted white lines either side of the entrance to the car park but their dimensions are limited by local by-laws – if vehicles are parked close to the limit, visibility is restricted so please do take great care when driving out of the car park.  Equally, when parking on All Saints Avenue please try to leave a 2 metre gap between the end of your vehicle and the white line.

Roger True
Hon Secretary
October 2016

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Defibrillator Information

As some of you will be aware, the club purchased a defibrillator several months ago and is now attached to the wall in the entrance lobby of the clubhouse.

We have had several requests for more information about how to use the defibrillator. The key points are:

  • The AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can be used on adults and children over one year of age
  • Call 999 straight away if someone is unresponsive or not breathing normally
  • Do NOT leave the individual to retrieve the AED – start CPR if you know how to administer this and get someone else to bring the AED to you
  • The AED at MLTC will give audible instructions to guide you through use
  • You will need to apply the AED pads as instructed onto bare skin, in the positions shown on the pads
  • The AED analyses the heart rate and decides what, if any, shock to deliver to the patient – AFTER giving an audible warning to stand clear of the patient.
  • You cannot do harm to the patient if you accurately follow the instructions given through the AED
  • After delivering a shock the AED will tell you to continue CPR and it will re-analyse the heartbeat after two minutes. It may then deliver another shock and advise CPR to continue
  • If the patient appears responsive at any time, place them in the recovery position and wait for the ambulance

The St John’s Ambulance has a very informative youtube video which can be found here:

St John’s Ambulance Defibrillator Advice

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Club Newsletter – August 2016

In this issue:

  1. Club Nights
  2. Finals Day
  3. Club Facebook Page
  4. Facilities Update: Courts 1 – 3, Clubhouse and Oaken Grove
  5. Help With Club Trophies
  6. AGM – Thursday 3rd November
  7. Car Parking And Etiquette.
  8. Calendar Of Events
  9. Team Reports
  10. A Note From Jan Price, Ladies’ Team Captain
  1. Club Nights

We have been through a period where club nights have lost their sparkle to some extent and numbers were falling. To try to put some life back into these sessions, a warm up session has been organised and clarity has been given about the waiting to play list. This should give members some control over who they play with so that the tennis can be more balanced and appealing for all. There is a white board to put your name on if you are waiting to play by the clubhouse door and a guide to how to run the waiting list. Several members of the committee, led by Clive Hogan our facilities rep, are trying to come down to mix in and help members get to grips with the new waiting list approach. Any feedback on how club nights are running – or could be improved – is welcome.

  1. Finals Day – Sunday 11th September 2016

As ever this will be a great day for the club with good competitive tennis being played from early morning into the evening.

A key part of the day is the excellent food put on for everyone. There are sign up sheets in the clubhouse (by the kitchen door) for people who can bring some food or help out in the kitchen on the day. Any questions then please contact Nasreen Brittain at nasreenka@aol.com

  1. Club Facebook Page

The club Facebook page now has 110 adult club members signed up. It provides a quick and easy way to keep up with club news. It’s a closed group, which means that others cannot see who is a member – and therefore can’t send unsolicited contact requests or adverts to you. It’s worth joining Facebook to be on it – you don’t have to do anything else on Facebook to be on it!

Find us at “MLTC – Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club”.


  1. Facilities Update

Courts 1-3: As you will have noticed there is some deterioration to the surface on these courts. The contractors took this up with the supplier of the aggregate used for the court surface, who have since admitted that there were quality problems with the materials supplied. Remedial works will be carried out and there will be a sealant put on the surface to minimise further problems – at no cost to the club – at some point early next summer.

Clubhouse: a) The ladies’ changing room refurbishment is now complete.    b) The clubhouse subcommittee has been meeting regularly with a number of architects. An architect has been chosen to produce drawings and hope to have at least one or two plans to present to members in the autumn.

Oaken Grove: Sue Topchik has met with the council on several occasions. Initially, they wanted to charge the club £20,000 (£2k pa) for the 10 year lease. Sue laid out all of the costs that the club covers on the courts during the lease period, such as general maintenance and resurfacing, as well as the number of non-members who book and play on the courts. The council has now verbally agreed to renew under our current terms, which is a one off nominal fee. Once a formal contract is in place with the council we will be looking at dates for resurfacing, hopefully in spring/early summer 2017.

  1. Help with Club Trophies 

Jan Price has, for many years now, taken charge of and organised all the club trophies. For some reason, this responsibility came with the territory of Ladies captain! We need someone to take over from her as this will be the last club tournament where she shall be sorting the trophies out. ANYONE can do this and Full training and instruction will be given. Jan feels that it may suit someone who is keen to help the club but is unwilling to stand on the committee, or it could be someone who enters the tournament each year and has maybe even won the odd trophy or two? Or even just one of the MLTC regular players who get so much from the club and would like to give something back?

Your help would be MOST welcome and is urgently needed! Please contact Jan Price, Sue Topchik or Simon Brittain if you would like to volunteer for this role.

  1. AGM

This year the AGM will be held on Thursday 3rd November, venue tbc. If you would like to stand for any of the committee positions, please contact Roger True.

  1. Car Parking and Etiquette

A reminder please, not to bring 4×4 or people carriers into the club car park. Also to leave at least two car lengths from the car park entrance to where you park on All Saints Avenue.

When play is in progress on a court please do not walk behind the court – wait for the end of the point. Equally, if you are playing on a court and can see people waiting to cross, give them the time to do so!

  1. Calendar Of Events

There are a lot of social and tennis events at our great club and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. As a help for this, we are publishing on the club website, Facebook page and in the clubhouse an outline of the many events over the course of the year. It won’t be 100% accurate, but will give people a feel for what might be happening when!

  1. Team Reports

As you may be aware, due to the vote at the last AGM to limit consecutive terms of committee members to 7 years, both Rob Castignetti and Jan Price have to stand down at the end of this year.

*If anyone is interested in standing for the captaincies then please let Roger True know*

Men’s Teams


This summer we have 3 AEGON Men’s teams. AEGON is one of the few adult formats that include both singles and doubles matches and is traditionally a hard fought competition. This year is no exception.

Our 1st AEGON team is captained by Richard Downs and are currently in the National league i.e. the highest level possible and if you get a chance to watch a home match then I encourage you to do so.

The 2nd AEGON team is in the Regional league and again the standard is exceptionally high. The 3rd team is in County Division 1 and only missed out on top spot and a chance in the playoffs in the last match of the season. Steve Woolland captains both these teams.

Team Captains are:

Summer League Vets Inter-club knockout
1st – Andrew Flynn O45A – Tim Paton O35 – Geoff Egby/Rob Castignetti
2nd & 3rd – Rob Castignetti O45B – Mike Bottomley O45 – Tim Paton
4th & 5th – Warren Roscoe O45C – Andy Guest O55 – Gareth Jackson
6th – Chris Downs O45D – Simon Brittain O60 – Dave Scarbrough
  O55A – Mike Bottomley  
  O55B – Graham Jones  

It’s great to see most of our teams punching above their weight in all the summer leagues. Well done to the captains and all the team players.

If you would like to play for a team this winter please contact Rob on: 07803295785 or Castignetti@hotmail.com

 Ladies’ Teams

TEAM CAPTAIN Div POINTS Place Prospects – Summer 2017
1st Claire Roberts 2 7 4th Stay I Div 2
2nd Sam Crowfoot 3A 10 2nd Stay in Div 3
3rd Catherine Botwright 4B 13 1st Promoted to Div 3
4th Vanessa Russell 4A 8 3rd Stay in Div 4
5th Marie Hammon 4A 3 6th Relegated to Div 5
6th Carolyn Pocock 4B 3 5th Relegated to Div 5

This summer we had a very interesting situation where we had 4 teams (3, 4, 5, and 6) in the 4th division. This goes to prove just how close the standard of tennis is amongst our ladies teams. Thankfully the 4 teams were split into 4A and 4B; the 3rds faced the 6ths in Div 4B and the 4ths played in the same division as the 5ths in Div 4A.

  • In a tough division, the 1sts came 4th and did enough to stay in Div 2 next summer.
  • Excellent season for the 2nds who came 2nd in Div 3A. Unfortunately for them, only the top team go up to Div 2, so in a repeat of last season’s results, they will just lose out on promotion.
  • Not so unlucky the 3rds! In a fantastic season they came top of Div 4B and will be promoted to Div 3 next season (where unfortunately they will join the 2nds).
  • The 4ths too were on the brink of promotion with everything to play for against Royal Ascot in their last match which was rearranged due to the Ascot Races back in June. Both teams were on equal points in 2nd and 3rd place vying for a promotion place. The winner took the prize; sadly the 4ths couldn’t clinch it so they finished 3rd and missed promotion by a whisker.
  • The 5ths will sadly be dropping down a division next summer. They struggled to cling on to their form of last season and having been promoted, will return to Div 5.
  • The 6th team have held their own remarkably well in Div 4 and, like the 4ths, their fate hung in the balance, depending on the result of their last match which had been postponed until 20th Had they won, they would have stayed in Div 4. So it’s back to Div 5 next summer.

Thank you to all the hardworking and inspirational team captains;

Claire Roberts, Sam Crowfoot, Catherine Botwright,

Vanessa Russell, Marie Hammon, Carolyn Pocock.

 Moving forward to the Winter League which starts in October:

MLTC Ladies Team Team Captain Berks Division
1st Team Chloe Fox 1
2nd Team Sam Crowfoot 1
3rd Team Catherine Botwright 3
4th Team Vanessa Russell 4
5th Team Carolyn Pocock 5
6th Team Patricia Barratt 6
  1. A note from Jan Price, Ladies’ Team Captain

As many of you are aware, this will be my last year as Ladies Captain. I shall be standing down as from the AGM in November. After 17 years in the post, I (and probably most other people) reckon it’s about time I went, and with the introduction of the new ruling of 7 year maximum consecutive re-elections, I think I just about qualify! I have really enjoyed my ‘time in office’ and I would like to thank everyone who I have worked and played with over the past 17 years for all the support they have given me.

Anyone is entitled to stand in my place and I am happy to ‘induct’ any willing volunteer, prior to them taking over. Obviously we would like the transition to be as smooth as possible so it is in everyone’s interest for me to start working with the new captain soon.

There are several capable people who could take on the job, for example any one of the excellent team captains over the years or indeed any other organised person (with plenty of time to spare!). At the moment, one person (Jacqui Bird) has expressed an interest to stand and I think she would make an excellent choice, but anyone is eligible to put themselves forward and I am happy to work with them. Ultimately it will be down to the vote in November at the AGM. Many thanks, Jan Price.



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Revised Tuesday/Thursday Club Evening Rules

Club nights are an opportunity for members to play doubles with a wide variety of other members in a friendly and supportive environment.

To help the evening run smoothly and to ensure fairness, we have slightly adapted the club night rules to make sure that it is not a free for all.

  1. Members arriving at club night, or coming off court, must clearly write their names on the whiteboard outside the clubhouse door.
  1. You MUST come off court when your set finishes to see if there are others waiting on the list.
  1. Club nights are for mixing in so no pre-arranged fours or singles (excluding summer tournament matches) are to be played. Singles may only be played if there are spare courts and there is only one member waiting to play. As soon as there are two members waiting a four must be formed.
  1. When a court becomes free the person at the top of the list can choose any three other players from the next seven players on the list – the decision is completely up to them.
  1. Note that it is not the top four who go out to play, it is the player at the top of the list who makes the choice.
  1. When these four players go on to play, they erase their names from the whiteboard.
  1. These rules apply from 6pm-9pm on these evenings.

To help this process run smoothly Clive Hogan is looking for FOUR social tennis ambassadors for these evenings – 2 women and 2 men. If you would be interested in helping please contact him at citizenclive@waitrose.com.

Lastly, if any member experiences any problems or unfriendliness at the club at any time please let either Clive or Karen the club administrator (mltcadmin@btconnect.com) know.

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Summary of Member Consultation on Clubhouse

Summary of Consultation Evening 12/1/16 re Clubhouse Functionality

The discussion went on for about an hour with the following points being made:

It was felt that no short term changes were necessary and that it would be a waste of money.

It was suggested that the refurb on the ladies changing room be postponed for the same reason.

There was an overwhelming feeling that the space should be open plan allowing for more flexibility and better use of space.  ‘Areas’ could be created within the open plan space.

  • Larger area for kitchen/open plan.
  • Larger area for bar storage to allow for more stock and variety.
  • Bar area to be part of open plan.
  • Space for juniors and make juniors feel more a part of the club and more welcome.
  • More recreational games (ie pool table) – join table tennis league
  • Meeting room for committee, coaches, other groups.
  • Function room.
  • Medical/Treatment room
  • Area/room for stretching with mats allowing for fitness classes (pilates, yoga)
  • Warm storage area for coaches.
  • Lockers in changing rooms.
  • Design should deal with heat/stuffiness (ability to open up/ceiling fan, ac)
  • Consider acoustics when making changes.
  • Awnings for outside areas.
  • Space for permanent BBQ.
  • Large enough for AGM to be held on site. IT facilities for presentations at AGM.
  • Design to be disability friendly.
  • TV area for viewing sports. I left this for last as it is the most contentious.

There seems to be a generational difference in whether people feel this would be a good thing or not.  Many people want to be able to come down to the club for big sporting events and watch together.  At least as many people find a tv an intrusion.  It will be important to balance the two groups.  If we have an open plan set up we should be able to accommodate those who want a tv in one area with those who don’t in another area.  We will leave suggestions up to the experts!

We also discussed what people like about the current clubhouse:

Brickwork, light, interesting building.  We would hope to not lose the character of the current building.

Next steps:

Please continue to give us feedback.  We will now look to approach architects.  Obviously we will not be able to provide for everything that was suggested but we will do our best.

Are there any architects in our membership?  Does anyone know of an architect they would recommend using?  Please let us know.

Anyone who can help with this project please let me know: sue@softwaredesign.co.uk.

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