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Oaken Grove Courts (non-members)

Coronavirus update: the courts at our club and Oaken Grove Park are now open with restrictions in place. Please click on the ‘Coronavirus …’ and ‘Club Re-opening …’ tabs above for further details and the ‘Safe Tennis Play’ link below to learn how to stay safe whilst playing tennis.

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Oaken Grove Park Tennis Courts  K

We have two courts at Oaken Grove Park, near our Club on All Saints Avenue, that are available for booking by non-members for £5 an hour. Non-members can use the link at the top of the page to book and pay for these courts.  Once a booking and payment has been made an email will be sent with the code for the padlock to unlock the courts.  If a booking is made but not paid for, the booking will disappear from the system after 10 minutes.  Bookings/payment can only be made online and cannot be made in person or over the phone.

The hour booking slots are colour coded to give priority booking for different groups.  Red slots have coaching priority, blue slots have senior member priority.  Grey slots can be booked by anyone, at anytime.  When red/blue colour coding appears these slots can be booked by the priority group 8 days in advance, from 9pm, eg book from 9pm on Sunday for the following Monday.  If the red/blue slots are not booked by the priority group, anyone can book them from 4 days in advance.  If you are in any doubt about what coloured slot you can book, the court booking system will let you know if any restrictions are in place on the day/time you are booking.

Please note that Oaken Grove forms part of the facilities provided by MLTC and, as such, the club rules concerned with coaching also apply.  Members and Non-Members alike are NOT permitted to provide paid coaching unless:

  • They are an Authorised Coach (either LTA Licensed or LTA Registered).
  • They have written approval from the Head Coach at MLTC, Nigel Mann.
  • They provide a Criminal Records Check (DBS or PVG Enhanced Disclosure).
  • They provide evidence of appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
  • They hold a First Aid certificate (EFAW or FAW).
  • They have attended LTA Safeguarding and Protection in Tennis training within the last 3 years.

Roger True
Hon Secretary
January 2017

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