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Car Parking

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Car Parking

Our car park is small and spaces are narrow, it is intended for use by Members only and we ask that visitors park along All Saints Avenue.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CONSIDERATE !  Our car park is unsuitable for large cars, SUV’s, people carriers and similar vehicles.  If your vehicle is wider than 1.9 metres (6 feet and a bit in old money, or think BMW 3 series) then please park along All Saints Avenue.

The Council have painted white lines either side of the entrance to the car park but their dimensions are limited by local by-laws – if vehicles are parked close to the limit, visibility is restricted so please do take great care when driving out of the car park.  Equally, when parking on All Saints Avenue please try to leave a 2 metre gap between the end of your vehicle and the white line.

Roger True
Hon Secretary
October 2016

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