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Chairman’s Report 2020

I would like to thank all members of the board and the committee for working so hard during the past year.   We have a couple of people not standing for re-election. Thank you Hazel for taking on the social player daytime rep. It was a very disrupted year and not an ideal one for your first year on the committee. Paul has done an excellent job as our facilities director. We all appreciate his efforts over the last few years.

Karen has continued to do an outstanding job and this year has been particularly challenging. There have been last minute rule changes that needed to be communicated to members, new procedures that needed to be implemented, and so on. Her efficiency and hard work has made these trying times more manageable. It is nice to have Di back behind the bar after months of closure. Let’s hope we can keep the bar open throughout the winter. There have been non committee members who have helped out as well. Brian and Peter have continued to help advance the clubhouse work and Graham has stepped in now that we are in the implementation phase. Craig continues to help out with our IT needs.

Rosie set up a spreadsheet to organise volunteers. We always need help organising, setting up, and cleaning up after events (assuming we get to start running them again), professional advice, unique skills. If you are willing and able to help, please let a board/committee member know or speak to Rosie who can add you to the list. In particular, we are looking for someone who can make cushions for the window seats in the bar. If that is something you could help out with, please let us know.

Incorporation – We have been operating as a limited company for the last year but it has taken us longer than expected to transfer all of our assets. We will be applying for CASC status imminently.

Facilities – We will be starting the work on the clubhouse early next year and hope to have it completed before spring. In addition, we have decided to build a glass room on the patio area outside the bar which will double the bar area. It was the most cost effective way of ‘extending’ the clubhouse without making big structural changes. We will be switching the floodlights to LED lights over the next year which will reduce our energy and maintenance costs. If that goes well, we will explore trying to get LED floodlights on the top courts.

Coaching – I would like to thank Nigel and the excellent coaching team.  The team is recognised as being one of the best in the region. Details on the team are in the Coaching Report.

Social –  This is a very thin section this year. There were a number of Christmas events that took place last December and thank you for everyone who organised them. They were excellent. I doubt we will be able to do any this year but if you are interested in organising a social event once they are permitted, please let Suzette know.

New Members Evening – For obvious reasons we haven’t been able to run a new members evening this year but we will look to run one next year that incorporates new joiners from the two year period.

Playing – The competitive playing side has been badly hit by the closures but we were very pleased when tennis was one of the first activities allowed to start up. It was a huge loss to not hold a finals day but we will try to have an event to give out the trophies sometime in the spring. At least we have been able to run the tournament.

Finally, thank you to all the members who make this club such a welcoming, friendly place. Please try to include new members when booking your fours as it has been a difficult year to join the club.

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