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Club Rules and other Information for Members

The following sections contain general information about the Club, it’s Rules and other material relevant to membership of our Club.  All documents are in .pdf format and should be viewable on most devices – just click on the relevant link to view and/or download.

Information for Members

MLTC Club Rules – as approved at AGM 2015

MLTC Club Regulations – October 2015

MLTC Club Regulations – Appendix 1 – Subscriptions and Fees – November 2017

MLTC Club Regulations – Appendix 2 – Committee Structure & Membership 2016-17

MLTC Club Regulations – Appendix 3 – Committee Members Job Descriptions – November 2016

MLTC Club Regulations – Appendix 4 – Grievance Procedure – October 2015

MLTC Liability Notice – December 2015

The Club Vision and our Action Plan

MLTC Vision Statement

MLTC Action Plan 2017-18

Information about the Club Committees

Job descriptions for Committee Members and the associated HMRC ‘Fit & Proper Persons Test’ may be found below:

MLTC – Committee Members Job Descriptions

MLTC – Fit and Proper Person Test – proforma

The following table gives the names of all the members of the current Management Committee together with the various sub-committees.

MLTC – Committee structure and membership 2016-17

Development Enquiries

From time to time the Club receives enquiries from Developers who are interested in acquiring our site at All Saints Avenue but who frequently fail to appreciate the issues and constraints surrounding our requirements for a replacement site and the logistics of relocating a thriving tennis club.  The committee has accordingly produced a ‘Briefing Note for Developers’ as an aide memoire to succinctly set out the Clubs requirements and a means of avoiding what might ultimately be abortive work for either party.

Members who are approached by Developers should, in the first instance, direct that enquiry to the Club Administrator who will formally record the expression of interest before passing correspondence on to the appropriate Officer to respond as appropriate.

MLTC – Briefing Note for Development Enquiries (web)

Letter to RBWM re Land Requirements 100616 (web)

MLTC – letter from RBWM re Land Requirements – 210616

Managing Projects

The Committee have produced the following Guidance Document to support any committee member or general member of the Club who may be involved in managing, or helping to manage, a project on behalf of MLTC.

Managing Projects on behalf of MLTC

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