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Club Tennis

MLTC club sessions are available at several times during the week and weekend.

General club sessions offer members an opprtunity to turn up at the club during particular times and mix in  with other members  for social doubles.

The emphasis is on fun social play, meeting other members at the club as you play a set of tennis.

General club sessions are open to members who at a minimum are able to serve reasonably confidently, and sustain a rally of several shots from the backhand side and the forehand side.

What if you are a beginning player or a rusty racket and not sure whether you are ready to mix in with general club session?  Click here for more information

You are encouraged as a member to be friendly, helpful and patient when opponents across the net may not play as well as you, in the same spirit that players who are better than you are encouraged to be patient with you should you find yourself across the net from them. That is how everyone has fun playing club tennis as part of the MLTC community.

One of the benefits of mixing in is meeting other members of a similar ability level and arranging other times to play outside of club session time.

When are Club Sessions?

Sunday afternoons 2 – 5pm ( if no matches, may start from 1 pm)

Wednesday  and Friday mornings 9.30 am – 12 noon

Tuesday  and Thursday evenings 6 – 10 pm.

Tuesday/Thursday Club Evening Rules

Club nights are an opportunity for members to play doubles with a wide variety of other members in a friendly and supportive environment.

To help the evening run smoothly and to ensure fairness, we have slightly adapted the club night rules to make sure that it is not a free for all.

  1. Members arriving at club night, or coming off court, must clearly write their names on the whiteboard outside the clubhouse door.
  1. You MUST come off court when your set finishes to see if there are others waiting on the list.
  1. Club nights are for mixing in so no pre-arranged fours or singles (excluding summer tournament matches) are to be played. Singles may only be played if there are spare courts and there is only one member waiting to play. As soon as there are two members waiting a four must be formed.
  1. When a court becomes free the person at the top of the list can choose any three other players from the next seven players on the list – the decision is completely up to them.
  1. Note that it is not the top four who go out to play, it is the player at the top of the list who makes the choice.
  1. When these four players go on to play, they erase their names from the whiteboard.
  1. These rules apply from 6pm-9.30pm on these evenings.

Lastly, if any member experiences any problems or unfriendliness at the club at any time please let Karen the club administrator (admin@mltc.co.uk) know.

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