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Clubhouse Lockup Checklist

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Clubhouse Lockup Checklist

Last one at the club?

For long term members, the below list may seem obvious, but for those not so familiar here is a checklist for locking up the club if you happen to be the last one there.
Before leaving the club please check if you are the last one there? Shouting is good!
If you are , here are some instructions to help make sure the club isn’t burgled.

1. Go into the bar, ensure the fire exit door near the bar is closed tight, turn off the lights (they are by the entrance door, remove any belongings you may have in there. ). Shut the bar door.
2. Pull down the shutter to the kitchen if it is open.
3. Please check the large water heater in the kitchen is switched off, in case someone forgot.
4. Turn the kitchen lights off and close the kitchen door.
5. Turn all other lights off.
6. Move all your belongings outside and close the main door
7. Close the gate fully on the way out.

Every member should know the entrance code, if you don’t please contact admin@mltc.co.uk.

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