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Clubhouse Options

Please review the clubhouse options along with the explanatory letter. We will discuss the plans at the incorporation EGM (date to be confirmed) and hold a vote electronically shortly after. The plans are also on display in the clubhouse. Click on the link below to view the proposed layouts.



MLTC Clubhouse Options.

Work to be done as a minimum:

Widening the free floor area in the kitchen between the units, tidying up the services in the bar, kitchen and men’s changing room areas, rewiring throughout the clubhouse. Refurbish the kitchen and bar. Estimated costs: £33,000-£40,000.

Option 1: In addition to the work undertaken above, the bar store area is increased.  The extended bar storage area lies outside the existing footprint and would either require a flat roof or tiled sloping roof to cover the extension. Estimated additional costs (to the minimum above): £15,000-25,000. (total roughly £60,000)

Option 2: As option 1 but with the main entrance relocated and providing additional bar seating area.  The additional bar area is within the existing footprint of the roof and existing roof support posts and beams will be retained. The relocated entrance will have a gable added to the roof over and open into the club room. The existing screen and door into the bar would be removed and new folding doors could be provided if required to separate the enlarged bar and the club room. Estimated additional costs to option 1: £15,000-£20,000. (total roughly £80,000)

Option 3: This option most closely aligns with the original brief and includes alterations as proposed for option 2, together with major upgrades: relocation and replacement of floodlight meters, closure of existing single wc and replaced by a relocated disabled toilet, provision of a kitchen store, further increase in bar storage. The coaches relocate to what is currently a storeroom next to the admin area which now has a window facing the mini-zone and a single external door. A first floor is added (requiring a staircase and new roof), providing an area which could be used as a meeting room and possibly a space for juniors with table tennis table relocated there.. Unlike the earlier options, this option would cause major disruption to club facilities during construction. Temporary facilities would need to be provided as the clubhouse would be out of action for an extended period of time. It would also be subject to planning permission that may or may not be successful. Estimated total costs: £360,000-£440,000.

We will be asking members to vote on these options. Options 1 and 2 should not have implications for subscriptions as our reserves should be able to cover them depending on other work planned (resurfacing courts 4-6, floodlights on 7-9,mini zone), however,  option 3 would have large implications and subscriptions would need to increase substantially. If members choose to proceed with options 1 or 2 the committee will proceed in a timely fashion. If members choose option 3, any work would be contingent upon planning permission and the committee’s view that it would not be financially risky for the club. We would also need to ensure that a majority voting of members, not only those responding, are willing to proceed.  A plan of increasing subscriptions and holding fund raising events would be needed together with exploring what other grant / loan options may be available to us.

The vote will be done electronically using something similar to survey monkey. We will hold the vote after the incorporation EGM (date to be confirmed). Please come along to the  EGM with any questions you may have.










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