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Coaching at MLTC

Coaching at MLTC

Adult Group Coaching

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Junior Group Coaching

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Individual Coaching

Please contact Nigel Mann via mobile: 07941 094274 or email: nigel.mann@ndmtennis.co.uk

Coaching Team

All coaches at our club are from NMT Coaching Services and are LTA Qualified and Licensed Coaches. They attend regular courses keeping them up to date with current coaching methods, whilst ensuring they are safe to work with children and have a valid first aid certificate.

The coaching team includes:

Nigel Mann

LTA Licensed Senior Performance Coach
Head Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(h) 01494 766464
(m) 07941 094274
(email) nigel.mann@ndmtennis.co.uk
For more information about Nigel please click here

Richard Downs

LTA Licensed Senior Performance Coach
Assistant Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(m) 07793 553379
(email) richard.downs@ndmtennis.co.uk
For more information about Richard please click here

Robert Flynn

LTA Licensed Performance Coach
Coach – Maidenhead LTC
(m) 07540 049404
(email) rob.flynn@ndmtennis.co.uk
For more information about Rob please click here

Andrew Flynn

LTA Licensed Coach
Coach – Maidenhead LTC
Competition Organiser
(m) 07869 440459
(email) andrew.flynn@ndmtennis.co.uk
For more information about Andy please click here

Help for New Members

If you are a new member  welcome!

We have new members joining on a regular basis. So you are not alone! Some new members have played tennis for years, and others are just picking up a racket for the first time or after a very long time. But all MLTC members have one thing in common- we were all new members once upon a time.

MLTC New Member Development Resources to Explore

Rusty Racquet Course

MLTC  has “rusty racquet” (click here) sessions now that covers the fundamentals of tennis strokes and moving around the court to help beginners and players who need to brush up on their tennis strokes before going into general club session play. This course helps players develop (or remember) sufficient ability to serve and rally on the forehand and backhand.


Arranging coaching one to one, or with your friends is an important step to improve your tennis generally. Sometimes its fundamentals and sometimes its a specific area of your tennis game that might hold you back.

You will improve when you  get out on the court and just hit the ball with others.  It is great to see new members who come to Induction and Rusty Racquets and then arrange to meet other new members to hit with.

Ball Machine

A ball machine is available at the club by prior arrangement with the Administrator. Its best to use the ball machine initially with an experienced club member or coach who can show you how to operate it and use it to practise effectively.

Tennis Buddy Directory

But for many “rusty racquet” course players, they want additional hitting practise on the court with other like minded players to get used to hitting the ball lots. And also to get more familiar with court etiquette and the rules of play.

So MLTC will organise volunteer experienced club member players who are available to play some doubles with new beginning players at the club who want to just gain some time playing doubles and getting used to tennis rules and tennis etiquette before mixing in with general club sessions. Their contact details will be on a Tennis Buddy Directory.

In addition, MLTC are planning Tennis Buddy social tournament type events on days and times that do not interfere with existing scheduled events that pair up Tennis Buddies and new player members to help

And MLTC will shortly introduce a Tennis Buddy Social Network page- and invite new MLTC player members and MLTC  Tennis Buddies get in touch to arrange doubles court time and play, giving much wanted familiarisation and practice with strokes, etiquette, and tennis rules.

So keep checking the MLTC website for more information.

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