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Committee and Sub-Committee Structure

The Club is run through a single elected Management Committee which meets about 6 or 7 times a year; it’s Minutes are published in the Members Area of the website.
In addition to the Management Committee there are a number of Sub-Committees and Working Groups which meet on an ad-hoc basis as and when the need arises.
Following the successful Consultation exercise, two Working Groups were also set up to deal with ‘Redevelopment and Strategy’ and ‘Clubhouse Redevelopment’.  Both working groups include general club members who expressed a specific interest in helping the club deal with these two areas.  In terms of audit and stewardship both Working Groups have an elected Committee Member as their chair and that member takes accountability back to the Management Committee.  Any Member with an interest in these fields is welcome to join and should, in the first instance, contact that Groups chair.

Committee and Sub-Committee Structure

Committee members Job Descriptions together with the Club’s committee and sub-committee structure is published in the Members Area of the website.

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