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Head Coach’s Report 2020

Coaching Report 2020


Like most clubs, 2020 has proved to be a particularly challenging year for the MLTC Coaching Team.

Development Tennis

Prior to March 2020, the Junior Tennis Squads were maintaining numbers showing increasing standards over all age groups. Development Squads stopped at the commencement of the Governments Lockdown. Following the easing of Lockdown, it was not possible to recommence Development Squads, Holiday Camps and School Visiting Programme due to the restrictions placed on Tennis Coaching. However, following a further easing Development Squads have recommenced in September.

Junior Club Nights are very well attended on Thursdays with a Mini Red (8&U) evening continuing throughout the year. However, the Junior Friday Club Nights continued to struggle with poor attendances throughout the year. The Friday groups were amalgamated, times changed to attract greater numbers and create an atmosphere, however the results were not encouraging. I am sure that following the appointment of the New Junior Representative, new initiatives are being proposed and the recruitment of juniors will increase the numbers attending.

Junior Membership has reduced again this year due to:-

  • Lockdown
  • No MLTC School Visiting Programme due to Lockdown
  • The proposed Great British Weekend Open Day for Juniors cancelled

Following the reopening of the Club in May 2020, a revised structure to Adult Inductions evenings has continued throughout the year helping to welcome and introduce new members to the club. For new members who are new to tennis, the Rusty Racquets sessions continue to give new members opportunities to develop their tennis and enjoy their membership. The Rusty Racquet Thursday Group Coaching Squads have been fully booked with fantastic feedback which has provided coaching to new players and enabled them to meet each other and create more opportunities to play.

Performance Tennis

Junior Members of Maidenhead LTC continue to deliver exceptional results at National and Regional levels.

We have numerous players ranking in the top 100 (October 2020) in the UK in their respective age groups:-

Gregor Webster; Eva Lancaster; Shreya Walia; Amber Knight; Alex Okonkwo; Athina Schlepphorst; Kakou Narita; Lily Doherty; Namfon Avellano; Marcel Jesenko and Elkan Dillon.

The above players are competing in Grade 1 & Grade 2 National events and the Closed Championships.

Berkshire County Teams

Before the Lockdown, Maidenhead LTC continues to be a prime source of players that represent Berkshire in the LTA Inter County events age groups that were played.

The following MLTC players are attending Berkshire LTA training:-

Aditya Dhoke; Alexander Okonkwo, Amber Knight, Arda Dramali, Casey Hunt, Daisy Doherty, Elkan Dillon, Ethan Winton, Eva Lancaster, Gregor Webster, Jack Bushell, Joseph Brittain, Lizzy Burrows, Luke Parker, Marcel Jesenko, Matteo Mirone, Megan Godleman, Namfon Avellano, Nishta Kesavan, Rory Walters, Shreya Walia, Steffi Swanson, Theo Lane, Xanthe Ashe

LTA Performance Tennis & Berkshire LTA County Training

The MLTC Coaching Team manage and deliver the coaching programme for the Berkshire LTA 8&Under, 9&Under and 10&Under Squads. The MLTC Coaching Team recommend the players to attend County Training, select the teams to represent Berkshire LTA and accompany, coach and manage the teams at the Inter County events.

MLTC LTA Team Tennis

In 2020, MLTC entered 2 teams in the LTA National Team Tennis. The event was cancelled but the teams were able to enter the revised Winter 2020 LTA National Team Tennis Cup-

Team Tennis Berkshire League was cancelled.

MLTC Club Championships

A MLTC Junior Championships will be run during the Winter 2020-2021.

Alumni of MLTC

Ollie Okonkwo (University of Iowa) had a very successful year and is currently ranked 10 Nationally in Doubles in the NCAA.  Seb Harris (Gardner Webb University) has just started his 3rd year. Both the players competitive opportunities were severely curtailed. They are both back in their Universities and hopefully they will be to compete soon.

Holly Russell (Exeter University), Lewis Brown (Bournemouth University), and Charlie Pridmore (East Anglia) have all completed their undergraduate studies and we wish them well in their future careers.

Club Futures Squad

Over 50 players train 2-3 times per week (before and after school) to put in the hours to fulfil their potential. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated and talent group of players and a set of parents who show their commitment on a daily basis supporting their children’s aspirations.

Cox Green Dome

Cox Green Dome was severely damaged by Storm Ciara just before Covid Lockdown. It was partially replaced, and the Dome was set up in time for the commencement of our Club Futures Squads in September 2020.

Coaching Team

Michael Ilott left the MLTC Coaching team in July 2020. Lewis Brown joined the team in September 2020. He has made an instant impact and hope he enjoys his time coaching at Maidenhead LTC.

Whilst I use similar words every year, I cannot emphasize my continued thanks to my Coaching Team. This has been a very difficult year for everybody. The MLTC Coaching Team have worked hard to re-establish the momentum we have created and been very versatile to the constantly changing regulations and circumstances. They are highly committed, professional, passionate, and high knowledgeable group of people I have worked with.

The Future

Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for the Club, MLTC Coaching Team and Members!

We will continue to strive to produce high quality players at all age groups whilst also maintaining the important cohesive structure of the club atmosphere and helping those junior club members to enjoy their tennis at a recreational level.

Thank you to all the members and the MLTC Committee for their past and continued support.

Nigel Mann

Nigel Mann

Head Coach

NMT Coaching Services

Mobile: 07941 094274

  Email: nigel.mann@ndmtennis.co.uk

    Web: www.ndmtennis.co.uk

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