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MLTC Limited – AGM Minutes 2019

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Clubhouse on 28th November 2019

Alan Frampton, President, welcomed 30 members to the meeting and explained that as MLTC the AGM was always chaired by the President, but from now onwards as MLTC Limited the meeting will be chaired by the Chairperson and handed over to Sue Topchik.

Prior to the meeting nine proxy forms were received and apologies for non-attendance from Nigel Mann, Jacqui Bird, Paul Brill, John Coleman, Karel Spelina, Sue Gash, Olive Gibson, Brenda Islot, Peter Child And Roger True.

  1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 29th November 2018

There were no comments and a proposal to accept the minutes was made by Dave Scarbrough and seconded by Dick Trevor.  The proposal was agreed unanimously by a show of hands.  There were no Matters Arising.

  • Chairman’s Report

The Chairman’s report had been emailed to all members and forms part of the Information Pack available to everyone who attending the meeting.

A proposal to accept the Chairman’s Report was made by Dave Scarbrough and seconded by Simon Brittain.  The proposal was agreed unanimously by a show of hands.

  • Hon. Treasurer’s Report

The Hon. Treasurer, John Coleman, was unavailable and so Gareth Jackson, Hon. Secretary took questions on the Treasurers Report, the Statement of Account and Balance Sheet for the year ended 31st March 2019.

A question was raised as to why we were considering increasing subscriptions when the profit for the year was above the level needed to maintain funds for future court investments. The explanation given was that funds would be required in 2020 for clubhouse development – in varying amounts depending on votes later in the meeting. Also, maintaining a good cash position allows us to avoid paying interest on loans, that might be required for court development.

There being no contentious matters a proposal to accept the Accounts and Balance Sheet was made by Simon Brittain and seconded by Anita Slater.  The proposal was agreed unanimously by a show of hands. 

  • Proposal associated with Subscriptions

The Secretary described the “inflationary” increases proposed for subscriptions and explained that these had been rounded to “whole pounds”.

A proposal to accept the Subscription increases was made Claire Roberts and seconded by Peter Herke. The proposal was approved by a clear majority show of hands, with 1 vote against.

  • Election of Auditor

The proposal to elect Chapman Worth Ltd. as auditors was made by Suzette Richards and seconded by Keith Ashby.  The proposal was approved unanimously by a show of hands. 

  • Report from the Head Coach

The Chairman commended the meeting to Nigel’s report, which is included as part of the Information Pack, and the outstanding results Nigel and his team had once again achieved with our Junior Members

There were no questions from the floor of the meeting and the meeting gave a vote of appreciation to Nigel and his coaching team.

  • Change to Bye-law 4.6 to reflect the required terms for election of officers

The Hon. Secretary explained that for MLTC Limited the officers serve for a period of three years and are split into three groups so that only one third of officers are elected/can change at each AGM. From this first MLTC Limited AGM (in Bye-law 4.6) the group to be elected for three years, two years and one year – was set assuming an earlier incorporation date. The proposal circulated to all members and in the Information pack was for the AGM to approve a change to Bye-law 4.6.

The proposal to change the Bye-law was made by Gareth Jackson and seconded by Dave Scarbrough.  The proposal was approved unanimously by a show of hands.

  • Incorporation update

Gareth explained that the land & clubhouse had now been transferred to MLTC Limited at the Land Registry, that the council were happy to transfer the lease on the Oaken grove courts across to MLTC Limited and this was now with both side’s lawyers. When this transfer was complete, HMRC would again be contacted to show the transfer of assets, three month’s accounts for MLTC Limited and then we would expect final CASC approval from HMRC.

  • Election of Officers

As there was only one nominee for each office (except for Junior Rep Director when there was not a nominee), Gareth proposed a simple vote on the election of officers “en bloc”. There were no objections to this so the following were elected by a unanimous show of hands of eligible members present at the meeting.

ChairmanSue Topchik
Hon. SecretaryGareth Jackson
Hon. TreasurerAnita Slater
Social/Bar/Comms DirectorOwen Stanhope
Competitive/Teams DirectorSimon Brittain
Facilities DirectorPaul Brill
Social Players DirectorSuzette Richards
PresidentAlan Frampton
Vice-PresidentDave Scarbrough
Match SecretaryClaire Roberts
Publicity & Communications RepresentativeOwen Stanhope
Social Players Representative – DaytimeHazel Adams
Social Players Representative – EveningClive Hogan
Mens Team CaptainSimon Brittain
Ladies Team CaptainJacqui Bird & Catherine Botwright
Bar ChairmanMike Bottomley
Social SecretarySuzette Richards
  1. Clubhouse Refurbishment Options

Sue Topchik explained the background behind looking at clubhouse refurbishment, the age of the building, the issues known by the officers, member’s suggestions and how a sub-committee of architect, surveyor and engineer had worked over many iterations to come up with the three options now ready for consideration. Work to refurbish the bar area was a minimum that had already been approved by the committee. Option 1 to create a larger bar storage area was then voted on and unamimously approved by the meeting. Option 2 was then voted on and then re-voted as one member was out of the room – the vote was 13 members FOR Option 2 plus 5 proxy votes with 14 members AGAINST plus 4 proxy votes, so 18-18. At this point the Chair and Secretary added their votes which were both AGAINST – so Option 2 was not approved.

Option 3 was not voted on as it was a further step above Option 2. The Chair gave her thanks on behalf of the club to the sub-committee for all their hard work and commitment.

  1. Any Other Business

The Hon Sec. raised a suggestion that for the next AGM, all materials would be circulated proper to the meeting but not printed out as an information pack. No member objected so this is proposed for the 2020 AGM. Sue commended to the meeting the upcoming Quiz Night and Disco social events in December.

The following matters relating to the new security system were raised from the floor:

  • could the club house door be automatically left open for club mornings etc. – it was confirmed that this had recently been programmed into the system.
  • the gate from the car park is not sturdy and does not always close – it was confirmed that a new strong suitable gate has been ordered.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 20:30 hrs.

Gareth Jackson
November 2019

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