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Many of you will have seen news items about issues of child protection within sport and will rightly be asking how the Club is tackling this. If you are a British Tennis Member (BTM) you will also have received e-mail directly from the LTA.

As a Club we are fully committed to Safeguarding and Protecting Children, whether they are Members of our Club or Visitors.

All our coaches are LTA Accredited which ensures that they have received appropriate training, they are subject to regular Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’) checks and their individual accreditations are checked and renewed every year.

Our Club Administrator, Karen Kirtland, is the named Welfare Officer and should be the first point of contact for anyone with any concerns. Karen is also subject to the same DBS checks and has, additionally, received appropriate training in Safeguarding.

Our elected Junior Representative on the Committee, Carolyn Pocock, has also undergone DBS checks and received training in Safeguarding.

As a Club we are committed to openness and transparency, none of our procedures are new or have been hastily put in place in light of recent events – they have been existent for many years and the subject of regular review by Karen and, before that, Keith Ashby.

Our procedures are published on the Noticeboard and there’s a prominent, comprehensive Safeguarding Information Folder in the lobby; key documents are published on our website and can be accessed by following the links below – I would encourage you to read them. In addition the LTA provide a valuable resource of information which can be accessed through:


Finally, we believe in audit and at the December 2016 Committee Meeting we tasked our President, Alan Frampton and Vice President, Dave Scarbrough to undertake an independent review of all our process and procedures. This exercise was completed and their report is also available below.

We continue to monitor and review our process and procedures to make sure they meet the appropriate standards.

Roger True
Hon Secretary
June 2017


MLTC Safeguarding & Whistleblowing Policy updated Jan 2019

MLTC Safeguarding policy statement summary – Sept 2018

MLTC british-tennis-diversity-and-inclusion-policy- 4 Oct 2018

MLTC – Code-of-practice-for-young-people-and-parents-2016.pdf

MLTC – Code-of-Conduct-Adults-working-with-Young-People-2016.pdf
























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