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Summary of Member Consultation on Clubhouse

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Summary of Member Consultation on Clubhouse

Summary of Consultation Evening 12/1/16 re Clubhouse Functionality

The discussion went on for about an hour with the following points being made:

It was felt that no short term changes were necessary and that it would be a waste of money.

It was suggested that the refurb on the ladies changing room be postponed for the same reason.

There was an overwhelming feeling that the space should be open plan allowing for more flexibility and better use of space.  ‘Areas’ could be created within the open plan space.

  • Larger area for kitchen/open plan.
  • Larger area for bar storage to allow for more stock and variety.
  • Bar area to be part of open plan.
  • Space for juniors and make juniors feel more a part of the club and more welcome.
  • More recreational games (ie pool table) – join table tennis league
  • Meeting room for committee, coaches, other groups.
  • Function room.
  • Medical/Treatment room
  • Area/room for stretching with mats allowing for fitness classes (pilates, yoga)
  • Warm storage area for coaches.
  • Lockers in changing rooms.
  • Design should deal with heat/stuffiness (ability to open up/ceiling fan, ac)
  • Consider acoustics when making changes.
  • Awnings for outside areas.
  • Space for permanent BBQ.
  • Large enough for AGM to be held on site. IT facilities for presentations at AGM.
  • Design to be disability friendly.
  • TV area for viewing sports. I left this for last as it is the most contentious.

There seems to be a generational difference in whether people feel this would be a good thing or not.  Many people want to be able to come down to the club for big sporting events and watch together.  At least as many people find a tv an intrusion.  It will be important to balance the two groups.  If we have an open plan set up we should be able to accommodate those who want a tv in one area with those who don’t in another area.  We will leave suggestions up to the experts!

We also discussed what people like about the current clubhouse:

Brickwork, light, interesting building.  We would hope to not lose the character of the current building.

Next steps:

Please continue to give us feedback.  We will now look to approach architects.  Obviously we will not be able to provide for everything that was suggested but we will do our best.

Are there any architects in our membership?  Does anyone know of an architect they would recommend using?  Please let us know.

Anyone who can help with this project please let me know: sue@softwaredesign.co.uk.

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